Selected Papers written in English (Journal articles, Book chapters, and Conference papers)

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Sociohistorical Approach to Development and Learning

Ishiguro,H. (2011) How to "unlearn" self, others and the world in writing. The paper presented in the WERA 2011 Focal Meeting in Kaohsiung,Dec.,16.

Ishiguro,H. (2011) Writing to unlearn understandings of self, others, and the world. Third ISCAR Congress Rome, Italy — 5-10 September

Ishiguro, H. (2008) Zone of Proximal Development as negotiating space: Microanalysis of the activity of disciplining in child care. (Keynote) ISCAR, Sept., 9 to 13, San Diego, Cal, USA.


Language Development

Ishiguro,H. (1993.2) Activity-based View of Language Development. Bulletin of Miyagi University of Education, 27,191-200.

Saito,K.,Ishiguro,H. (1990.7) Cultural beliefs about children's language acquisition in Japan. The 48th International Council of Psychologists. Tokyo, Japan.

Ishiguro,H.,Saito,K. (1990.7) Japanese beliefs about language usage. The 48th International Council of Psychologists. Tokyo, Japan.

Ishiguro,H. (1987.7) The Producer's Point of View and Its Effect on Textual Worlds. 3rd International Imagery Conference. Kyushu University. 60-61. 

Ishiguro,H. (1985.1) Point of view in Children's Discourse, Descriptive and Applied Linguistics:Bulletin of the ICU Summer Institute in Linguistics. (International Christian University.),18, 97-108.

Ishiguro,H. (1984.1) Discourse Analysis of Japanese Children, Descriptive and Applied Linguistics:Bulletin of the ICU Summer Institute in Linguistics. (International Christian University.) ,17, 13-24.


Ishiguro, H. (2018.1) Revisiting Japanese Multimodal Drama Performance as Child-Centred Performance Ethnography: Picture-Mediated Reflection on ‘Kamishibai’ In Tatiana Chemi, T. & Du, X. (Eds.), Arts-Based Methods in Education around the World, River Publisher, Denmark. 89-105.

Ishiguro, H. (2017.8.31) The experience of drama play and drawing act: what do children narrate in their drawn picture after drama play? European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA), 26th Conference, The University of Bologna, Italy, Bologna, Italy 29th August - 1st September 2017.

Ishiguro, H. (2017.6) COLLABORATIVE PLAY WITH DRAMATIZATION: AN AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMME OF ‘PLAYSHOP IN A JAPANESE EARLY CHILDHOOD SETTING. In Bruce, T., Hakkarainen, P. & Bredikyte, M. (Editors), The Routledge International Handbook of Early Childhood Play. Taylor & Francis/Routledge.

Ishiguro, H, (2016.9.1) “Kamishibai” (Theatrical performance by picture cards) as mediating artifacts for imaginative literacy learning, European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA), 26th Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland 31st August - 3rd September, 2016.

Ishiguro, H. (2010) Adults’ role in guiding children to the "zone of proximal development" through play. 20th EECERA Conference, Birmingham, UK, 6th-8th, September.

Ishiguro, H. (2007.3) Dramatization in play for preschoolers in Play-shop of KODOMO project, The 35th annual congress of NERA (Nordic Educational Research Association), (round table) University of Turku, March 15-17, 2007

Ishiguro,H. (2005) Development of Imagination through Dramatic Play with Adults." presented in Pentti,H. Organized symposium, The first international conference of ISCAR, Sevilla, Spain.

Ishiguro,H. (2004.10.29) Invited speech: Play with Ants, Play as Ants :Play-shop Report in KODOMO Project. Paper presented in “Let’s play” Kajaani University Consortium, University of Oulu, Finland.

Ishiguro, H. (2002.6) “When does a zone of proximal development extend?: Nurse takes a ‘sharing voice’ to imitate the voice of a child’s future” 5th ISCRAT congress (June 18 - 22, 2002, Amsterdam).


Ishiguro, H.(2014/2016) How a young child learns how to take part in mealtimes in a Japanese day-care center: a longitudinal case study. European Journal of Psychology of Education DOI: 10.1007/s10212-014-0222-9

Ishiguro, H. (2009) Speech genres for disciplining young children in Japanese nursery schools. In the 19th annual conference organised by the EECERA "European Early Childhood Education Research Association" in collaboration with the french association le Furet "Early childhood and Diversity" Strasbourg (FRANCE), 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th August

Ishiguro,H. (2009) Speech Genres Used During Lunchtime Conversations of Young Children In Bakhtin Conference  The Second International Interdisciplinary Conference on Perspectives and Limits of Dialogism in Mikhail Bakhtin, Stockholm university, June 3-5, 2009.

Ishiguro, H. (2007.8) (paper presentation) How does a three year-old children learn to participate in a lunchtime discourse about invisible contents? In 17th EECERA Annual Conference:Exploring Vygotsky's ideas: Crossing borders, 2007. Aug.29-Sept.1, Prague, Czech.

Ishiguro, H. (2007.3) Developmental transition of environmental resources for child’s feeding action in Japanese nursery school, The 35th annual congress of NERA (Nordic Educational Research Association), University of Turku, March 15-17, 2007

Ishiguro,H. (2005) Socio-Historical Approach Applied to Interactions between a Feeding Infant and Nursery Teachers in a Day Care Nursery. The Paper presented in the first International congress of ISCAR, Sevilla, Spain.


Classroom Discourse, School Architecture

Takeuchi,M. & Ishiguro, H. (2008.8.1) The self and others in ZPD: From the perspective of classroom learning. Thirteenth International Mikhail Bakhtin Conference. July 28 to August 1, 2008, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.

Takeuchi, M. & Ishiguro, H. (2007.6) Conceptualizing classroom reading as a socio-historically heterogeneous activity. In International Society for Theoretical Psychology conference. 2007.June 18-22. York University, Toronto, Canada.
Multilingual/Multicultural Issues

Ishiguro,H. (2002.3) An Extra Lesson for Language Minority in Japanese Elementary School. (Individual presentation 23rd Annual ethnography in education research forum (University of Pennsylvania).

Ishiguro,H. (2000) The stimulus-means as interpretative actions. The collected papers for the 3rd conference of sociocultural research.  CD edition(Sociocultural research association),1-14. Originally presented in the symposium of "The Open and the Concrete in Learning: Rethinking Double Stimulation" for 3rd conference of sociocultural research, at Faculty of Education, Unicamp, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ishiguro,H. (1997) On Japanese equalitarianism. New educational values 7, Institute of Pedagogical Innovations. 165-176. (English/Russian Translation)

Ishiguro,H. (1996) On the relation between new voices and old voices: What does a newcomer appropriate? Second conference for socio-cultural approach, Geneva, Switzerland.


Stone, L., Kbutorkoy,A.V., Kniazeza,M.M., Kryov,N.B., Ishiguro,H., Oser,F. and Lucier,R. 1998.4 New curriculum for the schools of Russia: Proposals for development, implementation, and researh from an international context. American eduational researh association, Annual meeting. (San Diego, USA)
Ishiguro,H. (1994) Syncronized story-making in reading lessons. Bulletin of Miyagi University of Education, 28,179-188. 

Performance Arts

Hiroaki Ishiguro, (2016.9) Invited Talk in research seminar, Dramatization with scriptwriting to hear and advocate children's voices: Collective Reflection of Classroom Learning Through Improvisational Drama Play for Linguistically /Culturally Diverse Children, September 7, at 13-15, 2016, room Ha 208, Jonkoping University, Sweden.

Hiroaki Ishiguro, (2016.8) Collective Reflection of Classroom Learning Through Improvisational Drama Play for Linguistically /Culturally Diverse Children, in European Educational Research Association(ECER), University College Dublin,, Ireland, 22-26, August, 2016

■Disability Studies

Ishiwatari, M. & Ishiguro, H. (2008.9) Rethinking the notion of ‘cure’ and ‘support’ for mental disability through the reciprocal supporting community of 'Urakawa Bethel House'. (Theme B poster) in the 2nd international conference of ISCAR , Sept, 9 to 13, 2008, San Diego, CAL, USA.

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