@OPEN-Lab Report
Open-lab Report is the research report written by students. Some reports can be downloaded. Full text is written in Japanese only.
No.1 Scientific museum reconsidered, written by Scientific museum project 1995
No.2 Study on Team-Teaching, written by Kouichi Konno and Megumi Noda 1995

This report was printed in Japanese.

This report is the work of the students who wrestled with problems independently out of the class and participated in my seminar in the graduate school of Miyagi University of Education in 1994.
In the seminar in the graduate school, the participants read the book ("Situated Learning" -Legitimate Peripheral Participation-, 1994) written by Lave and Wenger in the first half, and in the latter period, two projects were organized and an investigation was carried out with their interest.
This is the report of the group which took up Team-Teaching as the study theme. An approximate explanation of Team-Teaching is the professor style in one lesson with two or more teachers. Though it is not an uncommon style in language study in junior high school and high school, it is still at the trial and error stage in elementary schools

No.5 Report on University of California, San Diego5thDimension,
Miwa  Takeuchi

Second Language Education-Comparative, International, Development Education, Graduate School of Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto


Whatfs featured glearningh in 5th Dimension? Through visiting on some sites of 5th Dimension in California, we reached to this simple but multi-layered question. This report aim at describing our view on visiting on LCHC(Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition) in University of California, San Diego and some sites of 5th Dimension, the after school learning and play activity (Solana Beach Boys&Girls club, LCM in St.Leofs Catholic Mission, LCM/MCM in Imperial Beach, Earl Warrenfs middle school, gCyblaryh in Riverside). For these sites of 5th Dimension we shared thoughts that there is no same one. That is, the contents and style around learning in 5th Dimension seems flexible but sensitive to surrounding needs at the level from local to more macro society. This substantial aspect would work for sustainability of 5th Dimension as social organizations. In addition, we considered about how the leaning setting between institutional learning in school and free play make themselves original.

No.4 Internationalization of Day-care Centers in Sendai, written by Research committee of Sendai city nurse society 1997
No.3 Identity formation in an international class, written by Megumi Noda et al.1995
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No.6 Open-lab report Report on "La Clase Magica" in California, USA.
Keiichiro Ishimoto
Graduate School of Arts, Rikkyo University.

This is the field report of La Classe Magica in March, 2011.

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