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Nyakyusa Land

natural features hot spring in Rift Valley

hot spring and around

cultivated field on slopes
god bridge

rainy season
crator lake

CO2 collection
village of the Nyakyusa people
 hair dressing


inherit ceremony
inherit ceremony 2
inherit ceremony 3
preparation for feast

monkey as pet

dry clothes
shipping bananas

rolly in the village

market 1
market 2
market 3

working people
mat weaving


kerosine retailer blacksmith

District capital -- Tukuyu rice seller bus stop bus made of truck
L.ake Nyasa fishermen
fishermen 2
fish caught by net
net and float

maket of clay pot
essays ニャキュウサ・ランドを旅して(1)(Japanese) ニャキュウサ・ランドを旅して(2)(Japanese)
crops, foods, beer
many photoes
many photoes
play & games
many photoes